Basic Training: Family Edition

Recovery Boot Camp and the Schnellenberger Family Foundation are proud to present our weekly family educational program. This program will be an 8 to 10 week seminar presented by Recovery Boot Camp's Minister to the Community, Rabbi Mark Rotenberg. This series will touch on all the aspects of the family dynamics surrounding a loved one with the disease of addiction.

Weekend Family Program

Loved ones often feel overwhelmed, confused, angry, fearful and unsure as to what to do or how to handle their particular situation. The Weekend Family Program at Recovery Boot Camp is geared towards the needs of the immediate family members of drug and alcohol addicts. The intent of the Weekend Family program is to provide the family a complimentary weekend in South Florida with the addict, supporting him, and most importantly learning to be a force for healing and recovery. Recovery Boot Camp clients who have been in treatment for four weeks or more automatically qualify for the Weekend Family Program.

Safe Home initiative

Too often treatment-seeking men balk because of financial obligations at home. By financially providing for the families of those enrolled in Recovery Boot Camp, SFF frees the client from such burdens. Burdens may include: mortgage payments, health insurance for the addict’s wife and kids, food and necessary items for the household, etc. The stipend also eliminates the worry brought about by prior obligations, thus providing qualified clients’ the opportunity to complete the full 90-day program without the subsequent obstructions to their recovery. For SFF, the welfare of a client’s immediate family is of paramount importance, and our Safe at Home Initiative is integral to a client’s treatment.

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  • Breakfast
  • Staff Introductions
  • Family Introductions
  • Process of Family Struggles (identification)
  • Educational Workshops (without client present)
  • Lunch
  • Educational Workshops (with client present)
  • Must attend an AA meeting


  • Breakfast
  • Educational Workshop
  • Preparation for Family Process Work
  • Lunch
  • Impact/Accountability Letters
  • Bring in an Al-Anon speaker
  • Weekend Wrap Up, Q&A, plans for future


  • The Disease Concept
  • Understanding Addiction
  • The Chemically Dependent Family System (Family Disease System and Family Systems Model)
  • Codependency
  • Enabling vs. Supporting
  • Healthy vs. Unhealthy Boundaries
  • Communication Styles
  • Family Self-Care
  • Introduction to 12-step programs AA and Al-Anon [Maybe a speaker from Al-Anon and/or overview of 12-steps in AA: Basic Training]
  • Mistaken Beliefs About Treatment and Recovery; Relapse

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