It’s official! Recovery Boot Camp has joined Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery! And we’re both committed to shortening what can be one long and winding road.

Okay, so there are no shortcuts in recovery. We even say as much on RBC's Path to Recovery facility site page. There are however ways in which we can make the road smoother and less obstructive. And Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery promises to help us do just that.

What Exactly is Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery?

Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery is simply “a virtual reality (VR) program [that allows] individuals at drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities to feel as though they're actually [meeting] face-to-face with Dr. Phil.”

“There are two components to the exercises in this program,” says the site. The “virtual sit-down with Dr. Phil,” where the addict “will learn the keys to identifying and achieving the kind of life” he really wants. Then “there's an in-depth workbook component.” This will help the addict “hone in on specific aspects of his life and way of thinking.” Once that’s completed, the client then discusses their answers with treatment facility therapists and counselors.

This is not a stand-alone program, to be sure. It’s merely meant to aid and abet those in recovery. The idea is to add another perspective to the insight you’re provided by your respective addiction treatment center. In other words, another invaluable tool in the recovery arsenal.

Dr. Phil's Path to Recovery Boot Camp

In Recovery Boot Camp’s case, Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery experience is an additional part of an intensive addiction treatment program which already includes individual counseling, group therapy, comprehensive coursework, Big Book study, full-time fellowship, wellness training, life skills advisory, and adherence to the tenets of A.A. And we’re betting it’ll become a worthy addition to our recovery equation.

Recovery Boot Camp couldn’t be more proud to join the exclusive team of addiction treatment providers at Dr. Phil’s Path to Recovery. And we’re consequently excited to be on the technological forefront in the fight against substance abuse.

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