Addiction Recovery Results



Yep. You read correctly. Recovery Boot Camp's first full-scale addiction recovery results are in. The official name is Addiction Recovery Outcome Reports. And the results come from the Addiction Recovery Outcome Surveys fielded by RBC and Vista Research Group. Whatever the name, Recovery Boot Camp's rehab results not only beat the national long-term recovery average, they beat the national average by a considerable margin. In fact, RBC's long-term recovery completion rate is nearly 30% higher.

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Not only that, but our recovery research, which is being handled by the acclaimed Vista Research Group, show RBC's clients overwhelmingly approve of the addiction treatment they received while enrolled in our programs.


Addiction Recovery Results 2

RBC clients also leave treatment with a significantly lower rate of depression. There were equally significant results with anxiety, mania and psychosis.

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Research shows that it is important to treat mental health and addiction at the same time. Therefore, it is useful to track the severity of depression and anxiety symptoms. Our therapists are aware that not only does each patient need to commit to and learn how to stop using substances but they also must address their mental health issues. That's why RBC is rigorous about comprehensive addiction treatment.

Research also shows that patient monitoring has provided a significant positive impact on patient outcomes within the behavioral health field. In fact, there's a 28% greater improvement at the 6-week mark of treatment when clinicians receive patient-reported data versus when they did not.

RBC adheres to the guidelines set by The Joint Commission, which requires behavioral health care organizations to now monitor the outcomes of each client. And we have adhered to those guidelines for quite some time. That's how we earned The Joint Commission's coveted Gold Seal of Approval. RBC also anticipated the recommendations put forth by STAT, which calls for measuring addiction recovery results in addition to addiction rates.

Recovery Boot Camp hopes that are heartened by our addiction recovery results. Why? Because our they show our programs give your loved one a better than fighting chance at getting and remaining sober.


Addiction Recovery Results

(For an overview of Recovery Boot Camp's addiction recovery results initiative, please visit our Vista Research Group page. For more comprehensive addiction recovery results, please visit Our Vista Outcomes Report.)

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