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When choosing a treatment facility, it’s important to know that you’re choosing quality you can trust. Rehabilitation is a serious issue, and the decision to choose the best of the best should not be taken lightly. At Recovery Bootcamp, we pride ourselves in doing things a bit differently. We know that each patient who walks through our doors is different, which is why our treatment center in South Florida offers different options.  

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Since we first began treating people with addiction problems in 2002, we’ve seen many addicted individuals walk through our door looking for answers. Founder Tim Schnellenberger made an impact on South Florida’s community by opening Recovery Bootcamp and Healing Properties. Dedicated to addicted males, we individualize our programs to meet the needs of each person. The first step is assessing each of our new patients to get a detailed description of what options will be most efficient. Every patient has a different story, timeline, addiction, and emotions. We offer psychiatric evaluations, physical exams, phlebotomy services, and more.  

We offer many different services, from group therapies to individual therapies. Studies show that both are important to the success of sobriety. In our therapies, we’ll focus on substance use, skill building, sobriety plans, family, and socializing. Many individuals who have been long time users of substance abuse find that participating in group environments is extremely beneficial for rebuilding many social cues that have been lost.  

One of the largest benefits of therapies is that it provides awareness to our patients. Many actions, thoughts, and feelings are all subconscious. However, whenever patients are given the opportunity to open themselves up to growth, feedback, and learning, they find that they learn more about their subconscious behaviors. Many of the behaviors dictate the way we handle things, and with the proper guidance from our medical professionals, our patients have the opportunity to push forward successfully.  

If you or your loved is in need of a treatment center in South Florida, perhaps Recovery Bootcamp is the place for you. With many different treatment options, each tailored precisely to each individual, why go anywhere else? Recovery Bootcamp is a team you can trust. If you’re looking for a treatment center in South Florida, call us today! There’s no time to wait when it comes to sobriety.  

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