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Five years ago, Sober Joe was a star member of Recovery Boot Camp’s recovery community. Today he remains an exemplary example of the effectiveness of our program. Joe’s also a tremendous talent, as well as an inspiring light to recovering addicts everywhere.

“Joe Nester was an inspiration to all of the men when he was at Recovery Boot Camp,” says RBC founder Tim Schnellenberger. “And he continues to be an inspiration to the Recovery Boot Camp community. We’re fully committed to helping Joe bring his sound and sober message to the rest of the world.”

That commitment includes Recovery Boot Camp sponsoring Sober Joe Nester’s Never Gonna Take My Soul Tour, as well as a year-long series of releases from Recovering Artists Worldwide. This way everyone affected by addiction can both see the wonders to be had in recovery and hear the heartening sounds made from a full and sober life.

Joe Nester

Sober Joe Says!

It didn’t take long for Recovery Boot Camp founder Tim Schnellenberger to get behind Recovering Artists Worldwide. After all, one of RAW’s most visible acts happened to be an RBC alum.

“Joe Nester was a star at Recovery Boot Camp; now he’s a star artist at Recovering Artists Worldwide” says Schnellenberger. “It only made sense for us to back the label that’s helping him shine even brighter.”

Indeed. RBC’s first step was to sponsor Sober Joe’s Never Gonna Take My Soul Tour. The next steps will find RBC involved in all aspects of RAW’s trajectory — Nester and otherwise.

“Joe wanted a way to increase his visibility while he was on the road, so we wrapped his tour van with all the pertinent words and images,” says Schnellenberger. “We also branded his merchandise. That branding will continue with merch and videos and releases from everyone in RAW’s stable.

That stable includes hip hop artist and producer Bobble, who founded Recovering Artists Worldwide back in 2016.

“I first started RAW as a platform for my own music,” says Bobble. “But there’s so much talent in the recovery community, I couldn’t resist releasing others’ music too.”

“Having a name like Recovering Artists Worldwide didn’t hurt either,” he adds.

No it didn’t. From the time RAW launched, sober musicians started submitting their music. One of those musicians was Joe Nester, who’d recently completed a stint at Recovery Boot Camp and was ready for the next chapter in his life.

“I remember seeing a RAW post seeking sober artists,” said Joe, “so I sent them a few songs. It wasn’t even a week later that I was signed.”

That first EP was called To Hell and Back. Since then there have been a small slew of releases, including the EP From the Ashes. Next up: Sober Joe’s first full-length acoustic album, The Awakening.

“The album’s made up of many of the songs I’ve taken on the Never Gonna Take My Soul tour,” says Sober Joe. “And I’m excited to have them all released together.”

One of those tracks is “Good Enough.” Like most of Joe’s music, the song’s about daring to dream and then following through. Like all of his offerings, the message sings loud and clear.

“The message is it’s never too late to turn it around,” Joe told RBC. “No matter how far gone you think you are, it’s never too late. If you have air in your lungs, then you still have a shot! You just have to be hungry. You can literally come from nothing and go on to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted and more! So long as you’re willing to put in the work.”

Spoken like a true champ — a truly sober champ. In other words, just the kinda champ for Recovery Boot Camp to champion.

To learn more about Joe Nester and hear his soulful music and message, go to

Recovering Artists Worldwide


There are many good reasons why Recovery Boot Camp got involved with Recovery Artists Worldwide. Here are a few of the best of them:

  • Recovering Artists Worldwide is founded and run by a recovering addict.
  • Recovering Artists Worldwide’s roster consists of only recovering addicts and alcoholics.
  • Recovering Artists Worldwide gives a much-needed voice to musicians in recovery.
  • Recovering Artists Worldwide also gives much-needed hope to musicians in recovery.
  • Recovering Artists Worldwide helps spread the message of recovery to everyone affected by addiction.
  • Recovering Artists Worldwide is a staunch and vital advocate for the benefits of long-term sobriety.

By releasing the work of sober artists, Recovering Artists Worldwide helps erase the stigma of addiction.

To learn more about Recovering Artists Worldwide and how they’re helping former addicts, visit their Facebook page

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