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Want some great Recovery Boot Camp News? Staff Writer Steve Dorfman and the good folks at Palm Beach Post gave us some very glowing story. And we couldn’t be more grateful!


SFF PBPOST 2-1 - Edited

Coming on the eve of the launch of the Schnellenberger Family Foundation, the Accent section cover story quoted Coach Howard, wife Beverlee and son Timothy, head of both RBC and the adjacent Healing Properties, where so many have gone to regain their lives. As the Schnellenbergers explain, SFF will bring families into the recovery equation.

To that end SFF will host Family Educational Weekends, as well as Family Educational Retreats. It will also institute a Family Educational Webinar series.

“The Schnellenbergers want all Healing Properties/Recovery Boot Camp families [to see firsthand what the process looks like]," writes Dorfman. "And to have the financial means to survive while learning what it means for a loved one to achieve and maintain sobriety."

On behalf of the Schnellenbergers, we at RBC would like to thank Steve Dorfman and the Palm Beach Post for spreading the Recovery Boot Camp news!

Recovery Boot Camp News

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