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You may be asking yourself, what makes Recovery Boot Camp so different?


Well the answer is simple, we are one of the few Recovery Dynamics certified facilities in the nation.


Joe McQuany is an individual who made a sole vocation of helping other discover sobriety, freedom, and true happiness through the program of the original Twelve Steps. He was an active participant in the educational and innovative Joe and Charlie Big Book Studies and a renowned author of The Steps We Took and Carry This Message. Joe McQ. was the founder of Serenity House in Little Rock, Arkansas where he was able to help thousands of individuals achieve long-term recovery. Joe McQ. was quite simply teaching the 12-steps and principles behind them. However, treatment centers from all over the nation wished to replicate his successes due to the miraculous/impressive rate of recovery found within his treatment center. As a result, Recovery Dynamics Model was born.


Recovery Dynamics is not a new program. However, it is a method by which counselors break down the Steps of the program into carefully sequenced group sessions, based on The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, for those who are suffering from the disease of addiction and alcoholism. Within Recovery Dynamics, each client will be directed through the Big Book and have a clear understanding for its program of recovery. Program meaning a planned sequence of events and in this case each client will learn how to recover from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Our Recovery Dynamics facilitators will clearly explain each step in the Twelve Steps and why it is necessary to complete the particular Step. Clients are interactively taught how to accomplish each necessary task within a particular Step and will be educated on what the result should be when the Step is completed. The goal of our Recovery Dynamics curriculum is for each client to have a distinct understanding of step-by-step events that should occur with his Twelve Step with their community sponsor. In addition, our clients will be able to identify their problem, define their solution, and gather insight into actions that will bring about the solution of continuous recovery.


Joe McQ. and an individual Charlie P. met each other in 1973 at an Al-Anon convention. Each individual shared a passion and love for Alcoholics Anonymous’ basic text ‘The Big Book’. These individuals were able to appreciate and implement The Big Book that was written in a very distinct and particular sequence; this sequence was to covey certain ideas to the alcoholic reader. Joe and Charlie became life-long friends driving long distances to meet and discover the joy that came from discussing The Big Book. Joe and Charlie hosted AA meetings in hotel rooms at Alcoholics Anonymous conventions and these small meetings quickly grew in size and popularity. Joe and Charlie were then asked to present The Big Book at an individual’s home group and this presentation was recorded into a four tape series. This four tape series eventually grew in popularity and they found themselves were speaking at world conventions and speaking engagements worldwide; it is estimated that over 200,000 individuals experienced the benefits of Joe and Charlie’s Big Book Studies. Quite simply, these two individuals found a way to educate those about the importance of following the original program of recovery from April 1939 written within the first addition of Alcoholics Anonymous to received spiritual benefit and achieve permanent recovery.

Joe McQ

Joe McQuany

Founder: The Kelly Foundation

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