When Jay saw Jack waving him down in front of the coffee shop, the Recovery Boot Camp Behavorial Tech almost couldn’t believe his eyes. Three piece suit, two-tone shoes, straw hat, silk tie -- the whole nine. The last time Jay picked up someone dressed like a ‘40s B-Movie bad guy was, well, never. And Jay didn’t do never.

Oh, he was familiar with the concept alright -- too familiar: “Never gonna get clean.” “Never gonna stay clean.” “Never gonna forgive myself.” “Never gonna be forgiven.” The “nevers” were endless. But it wasn’t Jay who was doin’ the neverland dance; it was the men he spirited off to Recovery Boot Camp, who by then were usually broken and without any sorta hope whatsoever. That kinda never.

If Jay knew anything he knew that “never” was nothing more than a challenge, a thing to be faced, and to be overcome. So he pulled the truck around the corner and took this new never in the usual stride.

“Jack? I’m Jay.”

“Hey. Glad to, er, meet you.”


“Right. Why’d you pull around the corner?”

Jay, looking at the empty parking space before them, said simply, I couldn’t find a spot.

If Jack had thought about it, he’d probably agree that being seen jumping into a recovery truck in front of the whole neighborhood wasn’t the best idea. Not then anyway. But lately Jack hadn’t done much thinkin’ about anything other than drugs, so the thought didn’t even cross his mind. Jay sensed Jack would appreciate the gesture though, and in hindsight Jack did. Very much indeed.

But there was a whole lotta gratitude to come before Jack even came close to thanking Jay for that first small kindness, and a whole lotta kindnesses too.

The handshake, the getaway, the grabbing of gear, the highway miles; the stabilization, the evaluation, the grocery run, the making meetings. The checking in, checking on, feeling out. Jay and his Tech Team were there for it all, and they gave their all to everything. Then again, when everything’s at stake, no less than all will suffice.

Fast forward three months. Jack’s picking up his 90 Day chip at From Steerage to Captain’s Table and Jay’s right there, applauding him on. This is Jay’s home group, and he makes sure Jack feels at home here too. Just as he’s made Jack feel at home at RBC, and how he’ll make him feel at home when he transitions to Healing Properties. Jay will be making Jack feel at home until Jack can again get a home of his own. When that happens, Jay will undoubtedly be there too, and he and Jack will be laughing about the days of never.

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