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We see it every day. In Jasper, Indiana and Oak Grove, Louisiana and all points between. Mostly though, we see it right here. In picture perfect Delray Beach, Florida. People stepping up and into the sober life. Not just for the good of all people, but for the best!

It's truly an amazing sight. Especially for those with sore eyes. And trust us, by the time folks begin getting good and sober, their eyes are sore all right. Then again, when you've seen what they've seen because of addiction, it's a wonder they've not been blinded. We don't even want to think about the damage caused by what they've had to do.

But that's all behind them now. Well behind them. Buried back in the dust where it can do nobody any harm anymore. Yes, they're living the sober life now. And things are spectacular!

Jasper, Indiana

Jasper may not be the biggest town in Southwest Indiana, but it's got big ideas. One of those big ideas is a municipally-supported arts council. That idea put Arts on par with departments like Parks and Recreation, as well as Community Development and Planning. It also put Jasper at the top of the heap. See, the Jasper Community Arts Commission was the only one in the entire state when it opened back in 1975; it remains the only one now.

Another of those big ideas is Next Step Recovery Home. It's being put into play by a well-connected local named Joe Crutchfield. Joe's been living the sober life for some years now. He's got a family and a home and a business. Joe's also got pride in his community. That includes of course its members. And he can't stand to see any one of 'em suffering.

So he's opening Next Step. Oh, Joe won't be going it totally alone. He's being backed by the Lilly Endowment (who awarded him a $250,000 grant) and the Dubois County Community Foundation mental health initiative (who'll be administering that grant). Makes sense. Especially considering that when Next Step opens it'll be the first and only sober home in the whole county.

Joe will also be helped by Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 Step program, which will be Next Step's core component. Why? Because that's exactly what got Joe living high on the sober life. The highly successful sober life.

“Everything I’m doing is from my experience,” Joe told  The Dubois County Herald’s Christine Stephenson. “The 12 Step program did me wonders.”

Oak Grove, Louisiana

Another soon-to-be sober home is called Revelation Station. It'll be located in Oak Grove, a charming little hamlet tucked away into Louisiana's northeast corner. Oak Grove may not be bursting with residents (last count it had just over 1500, about 10% of Jasper), but it's got an entire parish-full of responsibilities. See Oak Grove happens to be West Carroll's parish seat.

Oak Grove also happens to have a very active set of community-minded types. That is, the type of neighbors who'll go well out of their way to help a fellow neighbor. In fact, these neighborly types consider it a duty, as well as an honor. From the looks of things, these neighbors also consider it a joy. They must. For there's not one sense of burden to be found among any of 'em.

So it was no surprise to see a group of Oak Grovers want to help their neighbors live the sober life. No one was surprised this group would find a way to do just that either. That's kinda what neighbors helping neighbors means. Scratch that. It's exactly what neighbors helping neighbors means.

So do they did. And they did so with all the eagerness and earnestness a good neighbor can muster. After all, they already knew how much the sober life provides. They'd experienced the magic and the warmth and the sheer sense of well-being themselves. They also knew how hard the sober life can be to achieve.

Raymond Agent, for instance, spent 30 years in active addiction before he was able to get sober. Scott Garrett? He struggled for 21 years. Both now belong to Revelation Station's very active Board of Directors. And neither would have it any other way.

“This will help people get their lives back together,” said their colleague Shorty Mclemore. “Get their feet back under them and reestablish their position in the community.”

Sounds like the sober life indeed.

Sober Life in Delray Beach

Recovery Boot Camp salutes Jasper Joe Crutchfield and Messrs Agent, Garrett and Mclemore for stepping up on behalf of their respective communities. Leading the sober life already serves as a tremendous inspiration for everyone. Stepping up so that others may also experience the magic of sober life only makes it that much more so.

Their unselfish efforts also show just how much integrity the sober life provides its practitioners. Great good things are always best seen to be even better believed. We know. We get to see it each and every day right here through our friends at Healing Properties. HP continues to show the many splendid benefits to be found in living the sober life. Not by charts and graphs and promises -- but by example. And the reveal is downright revelatory.

In other words, they prove it. You can see it in the Testimonials of its far-flung Alumni Community. And you can read it in the many veteran Reviews. Mostly though, you can feel it whenever you get close enough to witness all the tremendous success they're enjoying. A success that came simply by living the sober life.

What are you waiting for?

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