He’s got Guinness World Records for the most rattlesnakes in his mouth (13), his sleeping bag (109) and his bathtub (195). He lost a leg to a snake bite (1 of 11), yet he's still got his sense of humor (and his trademark hearse).

He is Jackie Bibby, the Texas Snakeman, and he’s been rounding up rattlers for nearly 50 years.

He’s also stone, cold sober.


Bibby kicked liquor back in 1988 and has been having the time of his wild life ever since. He hits every Rattlesnake Roundup in his home state of Texas, and frequently takes his snake-handling skills on the road. And when he’s not facing off against a deadly reptile or 10, he’s helping others get and stay sober.

That’s right. The Sober Snakeman is also a drug and alcohol counselor. And he has been for decades. Sometimes though, it’s easier to face-off with the rattlesnakes.

"I've been offered to take a whipping several times,” says Bibby. “Then later they come out and shake my hand and apologize. I say, that's okay. It's cool."

Here the Sober Snakeman shares his sobriety story with Big Country. We at Recovery Boot Camp offer Mr. Bibby three hale and hearty cheers.

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