South Florida Drug Treatment

Has addiction taken a grip on your life? Have you lost a job or a home due to substance abuse? Are you now on the out's with friends and family? Have you hit that proverbial rock bottom? Are you finally ready to get clean and sober? Then it's time you seek serious South Florida drug treatment.

Why RBC is Your South Florida Drug Treatment Center

  • We Care
  • No, seriously. We really do care. We care about you. And we care about your well-being. That's why we insist on abstinence. It's also why we insist on working the 12 Steps. Because it does work if you work it. And we work it. Hard.

  • We Can Relate
  • Every member of Recovery Boot Camp's staff has been there and done that. Really. We've all drank and drugged our way into the ground. And we've found our way back up again. So yeah, we can relate. And we can show you first-hand what recovery takes -- and what recovery looks like.

  • We Are Committed
  • RBC does not take commitment lightly, especially when it comes to sobriety. In fact, we're as committed to sobriety as you can get. That's why we demand commitment from our men. It's also why we only accept men who are truly serious about getting clean and living a full and sober life.

  • We Are Family
  • RBC is family. Plain and simple. From the fellowship in our courtyard to the closeness of the staff, we are one and one for all. Our programs even include your family. Thanks to the Schnellenberger Family Foundation. RBC was of course founded by Tim Schnellenberger, and so was our adjacent Healing Properties sober home.

    Seeking South Florida Drug Treatment?

    Are you looking for a safe and secure place to get sober? Do you want to remove yourself from the triggers and temptations that drove your addiction? Does fun in the sun and sobriety sound like a good idea to you? Then you probably should be seeking South Florida drug treatment.

    A South Florida drug treatment center will not only give you a place to get sober, it'll also give you the time and the distance to focus on your sobriety. It's also put you among a thriving recovery community. In fact, you'll find sober support on a personal as well as a professional level. You'll also find it among recovery-friendly businesses. Heck, if necessary, you can even find recovery-friendly employment.

    Become the Man You Were Meant to Be

    You've got potential. You know it. And we know it. You've got dreams. You've got ambitions. And you've got talent. Don't you think it's time you've fulfilled your potential? Realized your dreams? Achieved your ambitions? Put to use your talent? Of course you do.

    Recovery Boot Camp will help you do all that and more. Sure, we're an addiction treatment center. But we're also a fulfillment generator. In other words, we'll provide you with whatever it takes to become the man you were meant to be. No foolin.' Get in touch to find out how today!

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