South Florida Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Many people who struggle with substance abuse worry that they won’t receive the best programs if they only seek South Florida outpatient addiction treatment. Well, we're here to tell you to put those worries to rest. Why? Because Recovery Boot Camp provides effective South Florida outpatient addiction treatment.

South Florida Outpatient Addiction Treatment

While outpatient addiction treatment is generally recommended for individuals who are more stable and in more control of their lives, Recovery Boot Camp's Basic Training program can benefit men in all stages of recovery. Yes, we highly recommend each client begins addiction treatment with our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP). Even those who choose to start with Intensive Outpatient (IOP) receive the benefits of our recovery regimen. Better still, those men can choose to live on or off property.

Recovery Boot Camp's IOP program includes:

  • Extensive Coursework: teaching the dynamics of addiction, as well as recovery
  • Evening Schedule: allowing you to work and handle all social obligations
  • Group Counseling: to foster recovery teamwork and sober camaraderie
  • One-on-One Counseling: to provide intensive time with recovery professionals
  • Non-Opioid MAT: to address co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety
  • Of course, sometimes it takes more than even the best IOP to win the battle against addiction. To that end RBC offers Outpatient (OP) and Aftercare programs. RBC also offers transitional living at our adjacent Healing Properties sober home.

    Go-To South Florida Outpatient Addiction Treatment

    There are multiple facets to the programs offered in South Florida outpatient addiction treatment. For instance, there's cognitive-behavioral therapy, which teaches patients to recognize damaging behaviors and thoughts. There's also motivational enhancement therapy, which teaches patients the dynamics of addiction, provides insight into sobriety, prevents relapse, and builds motivation. Part of recovery is understanding drug and alcohol addiction for what it is. The other part is being provided the tools necessary to beat the addiction.

    That's our goal. And that's also our mission. We arm you with the facts you need to face the disease of addiction. Then we arm you with the weapons you need to beat it into submission. No, it isn't always easy. But it is simple. If, that is, you're willing to commit to recovery. And if, that is, you're in an effective South Florida outpatient addiction treatment center.

    Recovery Boot Camp is that treatment center. And we've been that treatment center since day one. Just check our many, many addiction treatment center reviews. Or take a look at our numerous video testimonials. Better still, check our Vista Research Recovery Outcomes Report. And whether it's a first-person account or an evidence-based chart, you'll clearly see that we succeed in sobriety.

    Do you truly want what we've got? Are you really ready to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us asap. Learn how we became the go-to South Florida Outpatient Addiction Treatment center. And find out how we can help you become the man you were meant to be all along.

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