South Florida Recovery Center for Men

Are you seeking an effective South Florida recovery center for men? Then look no further than Recovery Boot Camp.

South Florida Recovery Center for Men

Recovery Boot Camp is a South Florida recovery center for men who are truly serious about long-term sobriety. We are a no-nonsense addiction treatment facility. And we accept no nonsense from our clients. Why? Because our very lives depend upon sobriety. That's why. And so do yours.

How do we know? Because we've been in the sobriety business since 2002. It all began with Healing Properties sober home, which started with four men and grew to 24 in a matter of mere months. A thousand or two sober men later came Recovery Boot Camp, which was founded to provide a deeper understanding of addiction. It also happened to provide an even deeper understanding of sobriety.

Both Recovery Boot Camp and Healing Properties adhere to the practices and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. And we insist on 12 Step adherence for all of our clients. Like a century's worth of addicts and alcoholics before us, we've found A.A.'s Big Book to be an effective guide to sober living. And like our esteemed yet afflicted predecessors, we don't argue with success.

In addition to the 12 Steps, RBC's addiction treatment program consists of many facets, including:

  • Optional PHP, IOP, OP and Aftercare Programs
  • Targeted Medication-Assisted Treatment
  • Life Skills Guidance & Consultation
  • Vocational Advising & Procurence
  • Family Therapy & Recovery
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Effective South Florida Recovery Center

    Have you or your loved one been diagnosed with substance abuse disorder? Have you and your family suffered from the disease of addiction? Are drugs and alcohol your last two best friends? Then it's time to seek out an effective South Florida recovery center.

    Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. In fact, we can even back up the claim. How? Well, through our numerous addiction treatment center reviews for one. Through our many video testimonials for another. Then there's our Vista Research Group pages, which come both broken down by the numbers and as an overview. You'll find results of our effectiveness in all of the evidence. You'll also find all kinds of lives completely turned around by long-term sobriety.

    Indeed, the men come from every walk of life. They also come from all across the country. Ohio and Indiana. Kentucky and West Virginia. Pennsylvania and and Maryland and Delaware. New Jersey and New York. They come from Maine. They come from Vermont. And they come from Massachusetts. Yes, they even come from Florida. From down in Miami to up in the Panhandle.

    Some of these men stay on in the Sunshine State. Building new lives around new people and new opportunities. Others return home. Rebuilding lives that had come undone. Regaining trust from family and friends. Restoring standing within their community. No matter where the men come from though, or where they decide to live the rest of their lives, they'll all be forever linked by the miracle of sobriety.

    And when you witness the changes brought about by sobriety, you too will consider it a miracle. You'll also see it's a miracle that's available to anyone who's willing to fully commit to recovery. And who's ready to experience life beyond their wildest dreams.

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