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Recovery Boot Camp has become the go-to South Florida rehab for men who want a no-nonsense addiction treatment center. How? By providing top-notch and effective addiction treatment. Why? Because we believe within every addicted man lies a strong sober soul. Add the two together and you get how and why we succeed in sobriety.


What's in a Go-To South Florida Rehab

Yes, it's true. Not every South Florida rehab is created equally. Not every rehab is equally effective either. A successful rehab is built upon a strong sober foundation. It also implements no-nonsense addiction treatment. That is, its recovery programs are as serious as its commitment to recovery. Yours and theirs.

Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. We're built upon the strong sober support that has helped our adjacent Healing Properties sober house succeed since 2002. And our no-nonsense Basic Training program is as serious about recovery as we are about commitment. Why? Because lives depend upon its success. Yours and ours. In fact, many RBC staff members are themselves RBC graduates, which gives them added insight into helping the next man in need.

Awards, Accreditations & Affiliations

Recovery Boot Camp's numerous awards, accreditations, and affiliations include:

Recovery Boot Camp, founder Tim Schnellenberger and affiliated Schnellenberger Family Foundation have also been cited by WPBF (ABC), WPTV (NBC), The Palm Beach Post, the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel and others.

RBC is the Go-To South Florida Rehab

Have drugs and alcohol replaced family and friends? Has substance abuse caused you to lose out on a job? Does addiction rule your day-to-day? Well, then it's time you got to a go-to South Florida rehab.

Again, Recovery Boot Camp is that rehab. Really. And we'll be that rehab so long as their are addicted men in need of recovery. Why? Because we've all been there and done that. More importantly, we know how beautiful it can be to not have to go there and do that ever again.

While RBC does offer targeted MAT for co-existing disorders, we are primarily abstinence-based. In other words, we work the 12 Steps. And we live by The Big Book. In fact, the 12 Step Dynamic is at the core of our Basic Training program. And why not? That blueprint for sober living has been working for nearly a century.

RBC's recovery program also includes comprehensive health and wellness (to treat mind, body and soul), one-on-one counseling (from trained recovery professionals) and group therapy (for strong sober perspective and support). In addition, RBC offers PHP, OP, IOP and Aftercare plans.

Do you want what we've got? Are you ready and willing to go to any length to get it? Then get in touch with us pronto. You'll be damn glad that you did. And so will your family and friends. No foolin.'

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