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"Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity."

What Is Step 2 of the 12-Step Program?

While the 12 steps may mention a belief in a power greater than one's self, they do not require you to believe a certain way. For some men, the power mentioned in the 12-Step Program is a higher power, such as God, and for other men, step 2 signifies the power of the program itself. Regardless of a person's religious background, step two can play a powerful role in rehabilitation and recovery.

How Does This Step Tie Into the Other Steps?

In the preceding step 1, a man must admit that he has an addiction and one that he feels powerless over. While the first step deals with lost power, the second step deals with regaining it. The second step is about hope and the potential for moving forward.

Steps 2 and 3 are often called the "surrender steps". Important characteristics of these steps are having an open mind, placing faith in a higher power and/or the process and not being too proud to put in the effort to get better.

What Does Step 2 Mean by “Higher Power”?

Some men find hope through a higher power, such as God. Men may have a sudden, spiritual experience where they feel God's power and support in pursuing a sober lifestyle. Others may have a slower spiritual awakening where they begin to connect with God again and start to find meaning in their own lives through trust and prayer.

For others, the 12-Step Program itself can serve as the higher power. Having a definitive source of step-by-step instruction backed by the support of a person's peers and sponsor can provide a significant source of outside power to help keep someone going.

Often men in treatment bond with other men in recovery, which provides a sense of power and enhanced well-being to continue moving forward in seeking sobriety.

What Are the Benefits to this Step?

Belief is vital to sobriety. A person must believe not only in himself, but also that he can overcome this addiction and is deserving of a healthy and happy life. But taking away some of the burden of trying to beat an addiction by himself, he is more receptive to the people and organizations that want to help, such as the 12-Step Program.

Conversely, the openness required in the step means that a man has to reflect on which areas of his life have been closed off before. What has he not been willing to give up and let go of that would keep him from achieving sobriety? This is a question that must be answered.

Step 2 is about faith. For some it is faith in God, while for others it is faith in a process that has helped many men struggling with addiction for decades.

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