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"We’re entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character."

What Is the 6th Step?

Step 6 of the 12-Step Program states that a person must wholly give himself up to the idea that God can help him conquer his addiction. This is the ultimate trust in life and embraces the belief that love for God and God's love for him is enough to conquer an addiction.

How Can Love Can Bring About Change in an Addict?

A belief and trust in God's love and the love of others can bring about change in a man struggling with addiction. To accept this step is to know that God loves him no matter what has happened in the past, and loves him enough to help take away his suffering.

This statement can help your loved one struggling with addiction start to see that not only does God love him, but that forgiveness is possible. If he can begin to identify this belief, then he may start to see how forgiveness and starting anew could apply to other parts of his life and family.

Like many of the 12 steps, step 6 requires a strong commitment. A commitment to be loving and open to the changes that God can make in a man's life. As a result, his family must be willing to accept that God is working in the person struggling with addiction to remove the temptations and flaws that had led the man to substance abuse in the first place.

What Is Love, and How Can We Develop It in Ourselves?

In 2012, the phrase "What is love?" was the most-searched on Google. While it's clear that there is not one clear-cut definition, love within the realm of addiction revolves around emotions and self-worth.

A young man addicted to a particular substance may start to see his life as hopeless and experience feelings of anxiety and depression because he cannot quit using a drug on his own. He often stops loving himself, neglecting activities and loved ones he once enjoyed spending time with because he no longer sees himself as worthy of love or a better life.

To develop love in one's self, a man must believe that he matters and that he is worthy of receiving love. As loved ones, you can show support and emphasize that you love him and wish to see him get better.

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