He’s been bitten by scorpions, snapping turtles and rattlesnakes. He’s punched a Mako (for which he was bait), lit himself on fire (for Howard Stern) and got himself banned from Terrebonne Parish, Louisiana (you don’t wanna know). He’s starred in controversial TV shows, notorious movies and too many life-threatening videos to count. But the most dangerous thing he’s ever done was come clean and get sober. He is Steve-O, formerly of the clan called Jackass, and on March 9th he celebrated 10 years of sobriety.

These days Steve-O is living the high life without drugs and alcohol. He’s got two new TV shows on tap and even a new bride-to-be. But as the former MTV rabble rouser told The Fix it wasn’t always easy.

“When I first got sober and became a vegetarian, I was just gallivanting around, bludgeoning everyone with my righteousness,” he told The Fix. “I was, arguably, more arrogant and obnoxious than I had been loaded. But after the second psych ward, I started to deal with what I was scared of.”
Separating his public persona from himself saved his life as much as anything else, he said. “Sobriety, for me, has been a function of finding separation between my personal life and my career.”

As for whether he is tempted to return to his old ways, Steve-O said at the time that he’d overcome certain impulses that controlled him in the past. “There’s a big difference between temptation and obsession,” he said. “Temptations will come and go. The obsession has been lifted and temptation hasn’t turned to obsession—at least not in a good long time.”

Recovery Boot Camp applauds the one-time Wild Boy on reaching such a milestone, and we wish him many many more years of soaring sobriety.

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