successful addiction recovery

Whether you're entering substance abuse treatment for the first time or the last time, truly successful addiction recovery starts here. We provide everything you need to get clean and stay clean, once and for all. And we'll continue to do just that, so long as there are men in need of effective addiction treatment.

Successful Addiction Recovery Center

Recovery Boot Camp is a successful addiction recovery center located in Delray Beach, Florida that has helped thousands of men go on to lead full and productive lives. We're abstinence-based, 12 Step focused, and well-versed in sobriety. In fact, our entire staff has gone through addiction recovery. And each and every one of them is now a testament to effective addiction treatment.

Speaking of testaments. Our Testimonials page is rife with successful addiction recovery stories from all across the country. There's Donald and David. Garrett and Curt. Stephen and Michael and Dennis. There's also a story from "Sober" Joe Nester, whose songs all testify to the miracle of sobriety.

Our numerous Reviews pages contain even more successful addiction recovery stories -- and some mighty praise for RBC to boot! There are reviews from Akron and Ambler and Aston, PA, as well as Centreville and Chesterfield, VA. There are reviews from Little Rock and Louisville, Wheeling and Winston-Salem, the cities of Salt Lake and New York. And of course there are reviews from all across Florida, including Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando and West Palm Beach.

Most importantly though is the commonality of these glorious stories and reviews. Each springs from a man who came in hopeless and is now living a life beyond his wildest dreams. And if that's not evidence of successful addiction recovery then there's no such thing as evidence.

Successful Addiction Recovery Program

Recovery Boot Camp's successful addiction recovery program includes comprehensive coursework, rigorous Stepwork and extensive extracurricular activities, as well as an immersive family therapy component. And each and every treatment plan is individualized for best results.

RBC also offers program flexibility, including:

  • Partial-Hospitalization Program (PHP): up to 30 Days
  • Intensive Inpatient Program (IOP): 30-90 Days
  • Aftercare/Outpatient Program (OP): 30-90 Days
  • Sober Living Program: 30 Days and Beyond
  • RBC's addiction treatment programs all also include extensive Relapse Prevention, as well as the benefits of our increasingly active recovered alumni. This way you'll be able to reap the rewards of those who've been there, done that and know just what it takes to not ever have to go there and do that again.

    Seeking Successful Addiction Recovery

    Have drugs and alcohol wrecked your world? Has substance abuse taken a toll on your health and well-being? Have you decided to commit to sobriety? Then it's time for you to seek truly successful addiction recovery.

    Recovery Boot Camp provides just that. Want proof? Just check our Vista Research Group Outcomes Report. Or better yet take a peek at our Mom's Page. There you'll find both evidence and testament. In other words, all the proof you'll need.

    Of course it'll take some work. Sometimes even hard work at that. But since we're just minutes from the beach and other outdoor activities, the work won't seem so hard. Believing in yourself again won't be so hard either. And neither will being the sort of person others can believe in. Not after you've settled down and committed to recovery. What might be hard to believe is seeing how far and how fast you can soar!

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