Vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, muscle aches and pains; arguably these are the most common side effects for drugs internally ingested. We are warned of these side effects in the last 30 seconds of a commercial advertising a specific drug. Inevitably following is direction to seek medical attention if any such symptoms occur after taking the medicine. But what if you can’t stop taking the drug? What if you become addicted to the medicine? What if after some time you feel as if you aren’t taking the pill, but the pill is taking you and with each dose your life is being gulped down with it to never be seen again?

Many might not understand how an individual becomes addicted to mind-altering substances, being quick to blame the persons upbringing and lack of morals or self control. There is a belief among a large, and rapidly growing conscience that addiction is a disastrous, mind warping, cyclical disease. Yes, you read correctly, it is a disease. A psychological disease that destroys the life of the host and all those surrounding. Unfortunately, when the effects of addiction take place, it is not likely one can seek a quick fix from a doctor, as many can for side effects of a common medicine. It is proven by hundreds of thousands of men and women today that serious and critical work on themselves, mentally and spiritually, is what is needed to recover from the disease of addiction.

Hope, happiness, prosperity, love, and ambition. These are only a beginning of what someone dealing with addiction can feel so distant from. At Recovery Boot Camp, an intense 12 step program of action provided by Alcoholics Anonymous is the backbone of their success. Accompanied by a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and an Outpatient Program (OP), Recovery Boot Camp has the tools and knowledge to help those battling addiction build a strong foundation for which their lives can be rebuilt. Patients will be challenged mentally and spiritually and will be supported by a genuinely caring and loving staff, therapists, and like minded individuals recovering from alcoholism and drug abuse. Recovery Boot Camp restores love, happiness, and hope to those who truly seek it.

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