You probably know of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, whether or not you’ve ever watched Jersey Shore. But did you know The Situation is sober?

You might remember the MTV reality TV show star’s on-air efforts to get sober. That was back in 2012. During the sixth and final season of Jersey Shore. Much of season six focused on The Situation's struggles to remain clean and the effect that had on his fellow cast members.

Unfortunately, those first few attempts at abstinence didn’t last. Not an uncommon story for anyone battling addiction, especially an opioid addiction.

It’s also not an uncommon story for those who think they can do it all alone.

“I ended up getting sober for about a year and was doing all the wrong things because I did the recovery myself,” Sorrentino told the Asbury Park Press. “I didn’t get a sponsor. I didn’t have a recovery network. I didn’t go to meetings. I didn’t take the suggestions. I was going to try to do it my way. And obviously I was wrong.”

The Situation is Sober

These days The Situation is playing it right. He’s two-and-a-half years clean and sober. And he’s celebrating the fact that MTV just green-lighted a second season of the recent Jersey Shore reboot (Jersey Shore Family Vacation).

Sorrentino is also speaking to recovery groups around Ocean County, New Jersey on behalf of Discovery Institute, a nonprofit treatment center in Marlboro where he spent six months in rehab.

According to USA Today, Dory Rachel, the vice president of business development for the Discovery Institute, said using Sorrentino as a volunteer advocate wasn’t an easy decision.

“I didn’t want to get involved with him,” said Rachel, 33 years sober herself. “Celebrities are very entitled. They’re very ego-driven. And the message from them is usually a mess.”

But Sorrentino connects with people in the midst of recovery, she said, because he “walked that walk.”

People struggling with opioid addiction often find it difficult to “get a grasp of the fact that you can be totally free of drugs,” she said. “Mike worked in the belly of the beast. They were celebrities because of their partying but he isn’t doing that anymore.”

A Sober Jersey Shore

Despite the earlier focus on his sobriety, Sorrentino said he was still worried about how being a sober cast member on Jersey Shore Family Vacation would fly on a show full of partiers.

“I was concerned. But every single week I sit back and sometimes I get a tiny bit emotional,” he said. “I really just took it one day at a time just like I did with my recovery and everything worked out. I come from a different role where I'm now watching out for my friends. Now I’m giving them good advice. Now I’m just helping.”

“You know, you have to humble yourself,” Sorrentino said. “Once I did that, and I educated myself, and I was more self-aware of my actions, and I was accountable and responsible, then I started to get results.”

For those people in the throes of addiction, he said, "You need to come to terms with the fact that there is a better life for you out there if you seek it. if you seize the day one day at a time the storm will pass.”

We at Recovery Boot Camp congratulate The Situation on his sobriety -- and his resurgence. We join all those who are glad The Situation is sober. We’d also like to thank him for reminding everyone that seizing one day at a time will always win out.

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