toad venom

The text books and peer review studies have it down as 5-MeO-DMT (or 5-methoxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine). The more with-it lab coats though often simply call it O-methyl-bufotenin (or O-metal-bufo). At least that's what some say anyway. They really probably use the same term as everybody else: toad venom.

That's right, toad venom. You've heard of toad venom. It's been an urban myth since before urban myths were even a thing. It's been a spiritual tool even longer. Much, much longer. See, the original caretakers of America's desert lands found toad venom could help them reach a higher realm. They also found it could bring the rains. So the seekers incorporated the substance into their spiritual practices.

Some tribes still do too. Just ask Viceland's peripatetic Hamilton Morris. He trekked down to Mexico and tracked down a host of toad venom enthusiasts, including members of the Yaqui tribe, "which has long admired the toad as a harbinger of water in the desert." Morris even got to look on as a few Yaqui tribesmen performed a ceremonial dance in tribute to the toad.

Then he took the toad venom himself.

Oh, it seemed safe. After all, others were doing it too. It also seemed natural. When in Rome and all that. Mostly though it seemed like that toad venom might just give Morris the ride of his life. (We won't spoil his story; we will say though that it's well worth the watch.)

But tripping the night fantastic isn't why we're discussing toad venom. To us, that's simply part of Toad Road. No, we're here talking about big fat poison desert toads because we believe their poison might just open a door to sobriety. And get this: no toad-licking required.

Door to Sobriety

Yep, just like Aldous Huxley claimed LSD opened the doors of perception, toad venom reportedly opens the doors to sobriety.

That's what Hunter Biden claims in his memoir Beautiful Things (Gallery Books). A nurse had administered the bufo toxin at a Mexican beach house shortly after he'd undergone ibogaine treatment (otherwise known as tripping in a Tijuana addiction clinic). Biden claims that dose helped keep him sober for more than a year.

But how much help? Toad trips seldom last over 15 minutes. (Unlike, say, psilocybin mushrooms, LSD and ketamine, which generally last 12-24 hours, or ayahuasca, which can last days.) Did one trip do the trick? Furthermore, while bufo toxin may not be as lethal as it originally seemed, it doesn't make it any less a toxin. It doesn't make it any less illegal either. Nor does it make it any easier to procure and apply. Add the fact that a toad venom taker probably doesn't want to take it more than once and, well, you've got an odd annual treatment routine.

Then again, perhaps what you actually have is a miracle.


Chelsea Greenwood's Yahoo! deep dive wondered "what the popularity of toad venom [might be] doing to the toad population. Apparently it's not doing the toads any good. In fact, her source says "conservationists worry that the Bufo alvarius is being 'harassed and harmed nearly to extinction' thanks to toad venom's increasing popularity. Instead he recommends that people seek out synthesized toad venom, especially since fake 5-MeO-DMT seems to be just as good as the real thing. Even more saliently adds that "Sonoran toads would be eternally grateful."



Toad venom rolls off the tongue with such slippery ease -- both literally and grammatically -- it's kind of difficult to doubt its efficacy. Then again, it's also kind of difficult to consider staking your sobriety on something so creepy sounding. Nevermind the juju of it all; we're talking about poison. Well, poisonous anyway. And that should be enough to warn anyone away.

But should it really? All kinds of people have found sobriety using all kinds of methods, some a lot crazier than this. Who are we to say this shouldn't be given the same benefit of doubt? If you can find a reputable practitioner, and a safe, legal setting, well, that's on you. We'd stay away from actually licking the damn thing though. But that's just us.

Recovery Boot Camp continues to steer people into sobriety,, but we're still swearing by the methods that worked for us lo those many moons ago. They're the same methods employed over at Healing Properties. And they've been successfully helping there since 2002. So we figure that's a track record worth backing.

But hey, if you find something that works, please, by all means, work it. And if you've found something that provides a spiritual breakthrough, by all means work that too. There can never be too much effectiveness, anywhere. Meantime, if you're looking for a friend, please give us a ring. We're here for you.

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