Vista Research Group and Recovery Boot Camp are Working to Improve Addiction Treatment Results

Evidence-Based Treatment includes “integrating the clinical expertise” of our staff with the “best available external clinical evidence from systematic research”.  Recovery Boot Camp is proud to take this a step further by collecting self-reported data from our clients via a progress monitoring system INSIGHT Addiction™ that was created by Vista Research Group. Progress monitoring can have significant positive effects on treatment outcomes including a faster rate of improvement.

Why Monitoring Outcome Measures Works

Recovery Boot Camp is using standardized assessments to help personalize care and guide treatment decisions. Each client receives a confidential link that is sent straight to their electronic device.

Each client at Recovery Boot Camp is assessed with empirically validated assessments that include PHQ-9, GAD-7, PCL-6, and many others:

  • PHQ-9 is a multipurpose instrument that can be used for screening and monitoring of depressive symptoms categorizing the severity from mild, moderate, moderately severe, and severe.
  • GAD-7 is a self-administered seven item assessment that utilizes DSM-V criteria for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. This scale can also be used to measure panic, social anxiety, PTSD, and overall anxiety symptoms severity.
  • PCL-6 assesses for experiences and is not linked to a specific event instead; it encompasses any stressful experience from the past. It is a self-report checklist utilized for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms based on DSM criteria. 
  • Furthermore, all of Recovery Boot Camp’s clients are provided with the opportunity to rate their satisfaction with the treatment they are receiving and to type out any thoughts or comments they wish to share with their therapist each week of admission. We have found that the anonymous nature of typing comments has allowed clients to break through shame barriers built with the help of emotionally supportive therapy provided by our therapists.
  • INSIGHT Addiction™ does not only utilize standardized screening processes. It also monitors Recovery Boot Camp’s clients for their rationale for seeking treatment, degree of motivation, treatment history, demographics, pre-treatment drug and alcohol usage, drug of choice, addiction severity information, pre-treatment quality of life, health information, eating disorders, suicidal thoughts and self-harming behaviors, cravings, and quality of relationships.
  • This INSIGHT Addiction™ software provides updates that reflect improvement or worsening of mental health symptoms in response to treatment based on patient-reported data submitted. This allows our therapists to modify treatment and make it more effective. In addition, real-time clinical interventions can take place to promote the continued growth and well-being of our clients.


Research shows that patient monitoring has provided a significant positive impact on patient outcomes within the behavioral health field. Research also shows a 28% greater improvement at the 6-week mark of treatment when clinicians receive patient-reported data versus when they did not.

It is important to treat mental health and addiction at the same time. Therefore, it is useful to track the severity of depression and anxiety symptoms. Our therapists are aware that not only does each patient need to commit to and learn how to stop using substances but they also must address their mental health issues.

Mental health issues can present as a barrier to recovery without clinical intervention and oversight. However, the good news is that depressive symptoms can be closely monitored, treatment can be adjusted, and symptoms can be alleviated with the help of self-reported patient data. Recovery Boot Camp’s dual-diagnosis treatment plans are increasing the likelihood of each patient achieving long-term sobriety.


The Joint Commission requires behavioral health care organizations to now monitor the outcomes of each client.  However, Recovery Boot Camp is taking this a step further to determine the effectiveness of each program offered.

Vista Research Group is aggregating all of Recovery Boot Camp’s data into a comprehensive report showing how effective each program is at treating underlying conditions, how satisfied each client is with the treatment they are receiving, and how Recovery Boot Camp’s effectiveness compares to the national norms for long-term care.

Recovery Boot Camp hopes that you will see our data; it will show that your loved one does have a fighting chance at getting and remaining sober if they attend our program.

It should be noted that Recovery Boot Camp is also in the process of collecting post-treatment effectiveness data with the usage of with Vista’s RECOVERY 20/20™ outcomes research program.

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