Each man's journey to sobriety is different, and not everyone knows how to get there. At Recovery Boot Camp, we'll teach you how to fight addiction. Research shows that the longer you stay in a treatment center supported by peers and mentors, the more successful you will be in recovery. We firmly believe that well-managed step-down care is crucial to recovery and maintaining a sober lifestyle. Your progress in recovery depends on you. The more you put into your health, the farther you’ll go and the more successful you will be. We're here to partner with you and help you tap into that potential.

Levels of Care

We offer four levels of care at Recovery Boot Camp:
As you progress through our addiction treatment program, we strongly recommend you transition to a sober living community where you can practice the life skills you’ve learned in a structured and supportive environment. We’ll help you transition to our affiliate, Healing Properties Sober Living, or another sober living community. Again, there are no shortcuts in recovery.

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therapies solution-focused
therapies dialectial-behavioral
therapies dialectial-behavioral

Therapies We Offer

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy: teaches our clients to recognize and stop negative thinking patterns resulting in negative behaviors. Special emphasis is placed on emotional stressors, social stressors, internal triggers, and external triggers that have led to substance usage or relapse in the past.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy:

Motivational Enhancement Therapy: assists our clients with gathering insight into the negative effects of addiction. This therapy helps clients build motivation, commit to change, engage in treatment, and remain in recovery.

Solution-Focused Therapy:

Solution-Focused Therapy: this therapy is goal directed and focuses on the present and future as some clients become ‘stuck in the past’. It helps clients to identify and utilize their own internal competencies, skills, and resources.

12-Step Facilitation Therapy:

12-Step Facilitation Therapy: supports and guides our clients with engaging in 12-step programs including Alcoholics, Narcotics, and Cocaine Anonymous; see Basic Training for more information.


Sobriety is within reach. Call us today.

At Recovery Boot Camp, we partner with you on the road to recovery. As your guides and mentors, our goal is to mold you into the responsible, productive man you always knew you could be. We teach you the life skills you need to succeed, and work with you to create a program that is perfectly suited to your needs. Then, we help you put it into action. We’ll help you discover your strengths and then show you how to fight addiction. Your treatment program will constantly be evolving and will only end with long-lasting sobriety.

Become the man you were meant to be. Start your journey to sobriety today.

therapies solution-focused
therapies dialectial-behavioral
therapies dialectial-behavioral
therapies dialectial-behavioral

Our Programs

Basic Training:

At Recovery Boot Camp, the basis for all of our therapies is Basic Training, a method that has been around since 1977. We’ll cover readings together as a group, going over the ideas and skills that are necessary for success in sobriety. These sessions will help us grow in our understanding of ourselves and our capabilities to tackle the problem of addiction, define the solution and take the necessary steps to achieve recovery.

Brief Family Therapy:

Brief Family Therapy: We want families to be able to participate in the positive experience of treatment and recovery! It is crucial for family members to partake in their own recovery, separate from their loved one, including Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, or Families Anonymous meetings. We also recommend outside individual therapy sessions for family members to address family dynamics. However, we do have the ability to provide Brief Family Therapy through the usage of family conjoint sessions. These sessions will utilize solution-focused therapy providing affirmation, education, and ongoing support as well as guidance. Our goal is for families to quickly understand the difference between enabling and supporting.

Ropes Course:

Recovery Boot Camp’s Ropes Course is focused on building both physical and mental strength. While you build your physical stamina and endurance, you also build perseverance and mental toughness. You’ll learn about yourself and how you approach challenges like taking risks and going out of your comfort zone while building solid relationships with your teammates.

Nutrition Education:

Addiction leaves the body malnourished and dehydrated. When your body doesn’t have the nutrients it needs to repair itself, withdrawal symptoms worsen and recovery becomes more difficult. Recovery Boot Camp provides you with a foundation of knowledge of how to choose and prepare nutritious foods that will help you maintain your health and wellness.


Yoga is a powerful way to relieve the symptoms of withdrawal. It helps reconnect the body and mind in a positive, calming way that increases self-awareness. Deep breathing in yoga helps with stress reduction and allows you to process and meditate on what’s happening around you, thoughtfully considering the pros and cons of the decisions you make.

The Groundwork for Sobriety

After your initial introduction to Recovery Boot Camp, your primary focus will be on working through coursework, both in a classroom setting with other men and working on your own. Our coursework is based on the Basic Training treatment model. These first few days have a huge impact on your recovery, setting the foundation for your sobriety.

A Strong Recovery Community

With addiction comes isolation and feelings of loneliness. As you progress in your recovery, you'll be encouraged and mentored by the recovery community of other men participating in the treatment program at Recovery Boot Camp. Helping others during treatment is mutual. It helps us understand our own recovery journey. Developing close friendships with men who face the same challenges as you builds unity and accountability, and helps you learn to connect with one another. In other words, you keep each other on track.

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