First Things First

Recovery Boot Camp alcohol and drug treatment center provides services that are individualized to meet specific needs. Upon intake, each client undergoes comprehensive assessments to determine his specific presenting problem(s). Medical staff assesses each client through the usage of a history and physical exam, phlebotomy services, and a psychiatric evaluation. If determined necessary, medical staff will work with the client to address underlying mental health issues through the usage of pharmacological interventions. These interventions are guaranteed to be nonnarcotic and will not be medications of abuse. Our staff ensures the safety and effectiveness of all medication regimens by closely monitor medication compliance. Our highly trained medical staff has the ability to treat both mental health and comorbid medical conditions that sometimes have the ability to complicate one’s recovery efforts.

Each client is assigned a primary therapist who works closely with both the client and his family to determine problematic issues arising within biological, psychological, social, and spiritual dimensions. Our therapists work closely with each client to develop and tailor individualized treatment plans to address each presenting factor. Our clinicians utilize scientifically validated assessments to determine appropriate placements within a level of care. This ensures we adequately and accurately meet each client's needs. Each client will receive a 60-minute individual therapy and a 60-minute individual case management session per week no matter what level of care he is being treated. Rest assured, we believe in the value of an open-door policy between client and staff. This means that should a client experience cravings, stressors, triggers, interpersonal conflict, or wish to celebrate progress made then we are here to help, listen, support, and encourage!

Clinical Program

Individual/Group Counseling: Recovery Boot Camp alcohol and drug treatment center only utilizes services that are effective in helping those battling with addiction. We provide counseling at the individual and group levels because studies show that both are necessary for success. Individual counseling is important for focusing on clients to refrain from substance use, build skills, adhere to recovery plan(s), and achieve social and family outcomes. Group counseling is necessary to provide social reinforcement for each client’s sustained recovery efforts.

Therapies: Recovery Boot Camp only employs highly skilled and trained professionals to provide assessments, treatment plans, and therapy for client’s battling addiction. We have found that with awareness, learned in all therapeutic modalities, can help clients can take positive actions supportive of recovery. Our clinical staff utilizes a variety of highly effective therapies.

Recovery Support Services: Recovery Boot Camp has found that the most overlooked component of successful treatment is Recovery Support Services. These services are non-clinical but crucial for client’s to achieve their recovery goals. Due to our program, we have staff and a community of men who are already in recovery and willing to help through peer support.

We have the ability to provide:

  • Transportation to recovery-oriented activities
  • Employment and educational supports
  • Peer-to-peer services, mentoring, coaching
  • Spiritual and faith-based support
  • Outreach and engagement
  • Education about strategies to promote wellness and recovery
  • Sponsorship and sober support contacts
  • And much more; see Case Management for more information

Our Phasing System

Here at Recovery Boot Camp alcohol and drug treatment center, we believe in the value of longer-term addiction and mental health treatment; 30 days is simply never enough. Therefore, we have created a unique and step-down phasing system based on tangible benchmarks. Each phase will be at least thirty days in length and contingent upon the progress made by the client.

Phase I
  • 25+ Hours of Group Therapy
  • Daily Basic Training
  • Individual Therapy
  • Case Management Services
  • Health and Fitness Activities
  • Daily Life Skills Training Courses
  • Daily Transportation to Community AA/NA/CA Meetings
Phase II
  • Intensive Outpatient: 9 Hours of Group Therapy
  • Basic Training
  • Individual Therapy
  • Case Management Services
  • Health and Fitness Activities
  • Life Skills Training Courses
  • Optional Transportation to AA/NA/CA Meetings
    • Outpatient: 3 Hours of Group Therapy
    • Individual Therapy
    • Case Management Services
    • Health and Fitness Activities
    • Life Skills Training Courses
    • Optional Transportation to AA/NA/CA Meetings

Recovery Boot Camp Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center Delivers the Miracle of Sobriety

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