Dear Tim,

14 months ago, on the morning of November 10th 2008, I woke up a broken man. Mentally, emotionally, financially, and spiritually broken. After years of heavy drinking and drug use, I had lost hope. No one understood me, and I didn’t understand myself. I had nothing. I was not a spiritual person, but that morning I asked God for help.

With His help, and the help of my family, I got into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Within two days of being at that rehabilitation center, my counselor had recommended I leave Baltimore and head to Healing Properties in Delray Beach, Florida. Although still not considering myself a spiritual person, I found myself asking God for direction. My counselor let me make a phone call to the property manager of healing properties one afternoon. I had several questions and concerns. The gentleman I spoke with that day helped me to understand why a sober living community was a vital next step in my recovery process. I took the recommendations of my counselor on what I have come to recognize now as blind faith. I had never been to Florida, ever. I didn’t know what end was up. I only knew that all professional opinion had pointed me to Healing Properties.

I arrived to Healing Properties (HP) on Dec. 13 2008. Brian (the property manager at the time) had picked me up from the airport with a warm welcome. I opened the door to unit 46 and was further welcomed by other men my age. They too had stories and backgrounds much like mine. They too had the desire to stay sober. The first person I was introduced to that day was Ian H. I got a sponsor, and started to work the steps. Slowly I started to make a new life for myself. A life without drugs and alcohol. Brian and Ian are two of my best friends today, 13 months later.

After staying in unit 46 for 7 months, and working the steps of AA with a sponsor, I moved on to the “senior house” of HP. The senior houses are designed to be the second step from the sober living community. I moved there with Ian and two other roommates. All of us were not only sober, but also leading honest, productive, happy lives. All four of us are still sober today.

I will never be able to make another person understand what paramount importance Healing properties played in my sobriety. But I know, without Healing Properties I would not have been able to be the sober person I am today. I have made lifelong friendships here at Healing properties. I am writing this testimonial because I believe in Healing Properties. I write this testimonial to try to help another person understand that there is a way out of alcoholism and drug addiction. Healing Properties should be the start of your journey.

Thank you Tim,

Thank God,

Dave P.

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