Dear Tim,

On May 29, 2009 I put my son on a plane. He was a broken, miserable, and confused nineteen year old, and a stranger to me. He was totally consumed by drugs with an ugly future ahead. I was full of desperation and apprehension, yet hopeful he could get help to combat his struggles with drugs and the dangerous life he was living. By the grace of God, Healing Properties was recommended to us by the treatment center that he attended.

Gradually, through telephone conversations with my son, I realized that a positive change was taking place. He has learned that recovery isn’t just stopping the use of drugs but taking a deeper look inside, to make changes within. He learned this through attending the mandatory NA meetings (90 meetings in 90 days) as well as the five weekly meetings and to maintain a sponsor, as required through the rules of Healing Properties.

To date my son has continued to work the program, has chaired meetings, and served as a guest speaker as well. This is a miracle in itself. The support and caring that he has received at Healing Properties is fantastic and proof that the program does work. The structured and no-nonsense approach to recovery sets Healing Properties above the rest. All the rules that are implemented are a direct result of experiences over the years as a recovery facility. Violating any rule is not tolerated, nor is this a babysitting facility. Healing Properties takes great pride in the success of all that have been through its doors.

In January 2010 I visited my son, this being the first time I had seen him in eight months. I was overwhelmed by the physical and emotional changes I saw in Matthew. He had been transformed. You gave me back my son. He no longer is stranger but a loving son.

You have given him a new lease on life through the tools, courage, and provided guidance afforded to him at Healing Properties. I can’t begin to find the words that express my gratitude. I was truly amazed as I toured your facility and spoke with the residents. I learned so much on that short visit. Tim, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet you in person. You are certainly an asset and a benefit to all that seek recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. May God bless you as you continue to provide this wonderful program to those in need.


Rick P

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